The Ray Rice, Sr.  Memorial was formed in 1993 by the family of Roy Ray Rice, Sr.  Ray Rice was a below knee amputee and an avid golfer. He helped form and played in the Georgia State Amputee Golf Tournament in the 1960's and 70's in Warm Springs, Georgia.  The last tournament there was before his death in 1987 so the Rice family decided it would bring back the Georgia State Amputee Golf Tournament as a tribute to him and his name.

Bill Eason an Orthotist at Warm Springs during the 1970's and a long time friend of the Rice family now lives and operates his business in Milledgeville, Georgia. It was Bill's suggestion that the Milledgeville Country Club would be a good site for the tournament.  Dave Franklin the Golf Pro there was really excited about bringing the tournament to Milledgeville and has done a great job in hosting the annual tournament for many years.  We sincerely appreciate Dave's dedication, hard work and enthusiatic outlook.  The Golf tournament moved to Little Fishing Creek Golf Course for the 2006 and 2007 events but returned to Milledgeville Country Club in 2008 and continues to be held there now but Milledgeville Country Club was bought out in October 2016 and is now called The Club at Lake Sinclair.  Many upgrades and improvements are taking place at this time. These include renovating the clubhouse, a new Pro Shop and new Swimming pool and eventually lengthening the golf course.

In addition to the golf tournament the Ray Rice, Sr.  Memorial awards a Scholarship of $1500.00 to an approved applicant each year.  Applicants must submit a letter to the Memorial stating their qualifications and why they wish to receive the scholarship. 

Roy Ray Rice, Sr.

Ray Rice was born on December 25, 1910 in Lafayette, Georgia and died on February 3, 1987 in Atlanta.  He lost his leg in a hunting accident when he was 17 years old and soon afterwards received an artificial limb.  He was offered a job at the prosthetic company that made his prosthesis and soon learned the trade himself.   In 1948 he formed his own company (Atlanta Artificial Limb Company) located on Memorial Drive in Atlanta, Georgia.  He had a wife and four young children to support in 1948 and wasn't sure how well he would do just starting out in a new business so he also leased and ran a gas station next door to the prosthetic business as sort of a safety net.  He did very well in prosthetics so he sold the service station and moved to Peachtree Street in Atlanta and then to Forrest Road (Now Ralph McGill Blvd). He was one of the first group of  prosthetist certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics when it first formed in 1948.  His certificate number was # 97. By the mid 1970's all of his children worked with the company and the name was changed to Atlanta Prosthetics, Incorporated.  It remained that until it was sold in 1998. 

Ray Rice was also a Musician and had his own Orchestra in the 1940's and 50's.  He played Saxaphone and Clarinet, Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin.  He played for the East Lake and Meadowbrook Country Clubs as well as Elks Clubs, American Legions and private parties.   He was a Member of the Druid Hills Country Club until his death in 1987.  

Memorial Drive Location in 1949

Milledgeville was the Capital City of Georgia from 1803 until 1868. 

 The Capital was moved to Atlanta in 1868. Shortly after the Civil War.